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Chapter Closing

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July 10, 2020

I: Introduction

As a student, one of the classes that you might be compelled to take is Computer Programming. This course is usually taught together with Computer Science (CS). If you are taking CS, then you would probably expect that there will be a programming language that is used. Programming languages are usually divided into three different categories: low level languages, high level languages and lastly scripting languages. A high level language is a programming language that contains English-like words, while a low level language uses computer commands. Scripting language on the other hand, is a language that is used to write scripts for applications that control processes. In this article, I will discuss about these three types of programming languages.

II: Body

A: Chapter closing

The first language is a low level language. It is referred to as a low level language because it is a basic form of a programming language which is very close to the machine code. A simple example of a low level language is Assembly Language. This type of language is considered difficult to learn because it uses machine codes. Aside from being difficult to learn, Assembly Language has no inherent structure. It just follows the sequence of instructions that one can practically remember. The second language is a high level language. In this type of language, computer commands are translated into English words, making it easier to learn and use. To have a clearer understanding of how a high level language works, below is an outline for this type of coding language: Structure

The basic structure for a high level language is very similar to the one used in a low level language. However, in a high level programming code, the instructions are stated in English words. Example:


200 GOTO 100;A scripting language however, does not necessarily follow the same structure as the two previous languages mentioned above. Scripting Languages use commands like if, switch and goto to process programs and files. They are usually used in applications such as word processors and spreadsheets. Example:

IF usertype = “admin” THEN BEGIN

PRINT “You are an admin”;END;ELSE IF usertype = “user” THEN BEGIN

PRINT “You are a user”;END;ELSE BEGIN PRINT “You are an admin or a user”;END;3 Examples of Scripting Languages:

1) Visual Basic

2) C# (C Sharp)

3) JAVA III: Conclusion

By knowing the three types of programming languages, we can now decide what we want to use when we develop our program in computers. We can also decide what we want to do in future in terms of career in computer programming and in computer science.

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