Activity of The Magic 8-Ball

Activity of The Magic 8-Ball

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July 10, 2020

I: Introduction

A: Programmers usually use programming languages to write codes.

II: Body

A: There are various programming languages that programmers use to implement their ideas into reality. These languages are used to write codes that can be run on computers or other machines.

B: One of the most popular language is the C++ language. This language was developed by Bjarne Stroustrup who is a Danish computer scientist, in the 1980s. He invented this language after he left Bell Labs.

C: He got interested in programming because of his interest in operating systems. The first version of this language was named as cfront which was later used to develop the C++ Language.

D: It was started as an improvement to the C language with objects added to it. It was meant to be faster than C and C++ was fully compatible with C. This language also supports classes which is an important feature of Object Oriented Programming.

E: A new object-oriented language called Java was introduced by Sun Microsystems in May 1995. It was designed to be used inside web browsers.

F: The primary features of the Java language include the ability to create multimedia programs, the compatibility with the internet protocol suite, security, portability, high performance, dynamic versatility, true reusability, automatic memory management, garbage collection, etc.

G: Another notable programming language is Objective C. Objective C is one of the variants of C developed by Brad J. Cox and it came into being in 1985. It was developed as a result of combining SmallTalk-80 and Unix. This language uses many features of both Smalltalk and C.

H: This language has a syntax similar to C but it has objects and classes like Smalltalk. It can be used to create GUI based applications for Mac OS and iOS platforms.

I: Java and Objective C were changed and modified to be simpler and easier to understand and use by Sun Microsystems and Apple Inc., respectively. These changes were called Java 2 and Objective C 2. These two languages were also made open source software so that anyone could use them freely.

III: Conclusion

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