Activity of Nutritional Table

Activity of Nutritional Table

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July 10, 2020

I: Introduction

I.1: Programming is nothing but the task of writing the instructions to perform a certain task.

I.2: Program is a set of instruction written in language that can be understood by the computer. This language is called programming language.

I.3: Programming languages are of two types, first are low-level programming languages, second are high-level programming languages.

I.4: Low level programming language are those which are directly executed by CPU without any modification. But, High level programming language are those which are first converted into low level language before execution of program takes place.

I.5: Examples of high level programming languages are C++, Java etc.

I.6: Low level programming languages are assemblers, machine code, etc.

I.7: Programming languages contain two different types of characters, these are keywords and identifiers.

I.8: Keywords are words which have special meaning to the compiler or interpreter, for instance, "if", "while", "void", etc. They are used to control the flow of the program.

I.9: Identifiers are names given to variables, constants, functions etc., that represent something real world. These are the names that programmers give to different things that they encounter during their work.

II: Body

II.1: Coding is the activity of constructing the program using programming language. It includes three steps coding, compiling and linking.

II.2: Compiling converts the high level language into low level language for execution on computer platform. This conversion process removes all unnecessary codes, this makes it easier to execute on computer platform.

II.3: Linking combines all the object files together with necessary libraries to create one executable file which can execute on computer platform without any difficulty or error.

III: Conclusion

III.1: Programming languages are very much useful for solving complex problems that the world face today. They are also useful for performing complex mathematical operations that humans cannot do mentally.

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