5 Things No One Will Tell You About iPhone App Development

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on February 16th, 2022 10:37 am
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App Builder Appy Pie: iOS app development is fun and rewarding, and it has gotten a lot easier than before. There are a lot of articles, guidelines and technical write ups that would give you enough information about building an app for iPhoneCreate an iPhone App for FREE!
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, however, developing your own app takes more than just technical knowledge and skills. There are some things that you learn by actually doing the task at hand – practical knowledge or experience.

Since this is your first time building an iOS app you do not have the practical knowledge or experience that is needed, I’m here to help you out. As I have built my share of iOS apps myself and have assisted a fair number of people who are new to iOS app developmentCustom iPhone iOS Application Development
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, there are some things I learnt through my journeys. So here are the things that I learnt the hard way and would like to tell you aforehand, so that you do not have to go through the same struggle that I and a lot of other developers have to go through during their first experience of iOS app development.

1. It is absolutely imperative that you join Apple’s developer program at the earliest

Now, it is only natural that as a first time iOS developer, you would want to keep your expenses to the minimum and delay the moment when you would have to cough up any kind of money. Many first time iOS app developersHire Android Developer and iPhone Programmer
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tend to delay registering for Apple’s Developer Program because they do not want to pay the $100 at the initial stages of development.

It is true that there are some cool ways to test run your app and you might have done that as you were developing your app. However, it is highly likely that once you get into the program you are going to discover that your app is totally unfit and incompatible to the devices or the platform. This means that you would have to do a lot of tweaking and in the worst-case scenario might even have to rebuild the whole thing.

On the contrary, if you had joined the program at the beginning, you would not have to waste all that time being counterproductive. The program also has many resources to offer that can be especially handy if you are a beginner. It is therefore imperative that you join Apple’s developer program as soon as possible.

2. Seek consultation from a variety of sources especially at the ideation stage

You might think that you have some great ideas and you might actually have a great one too. Now it is tempting to get on with it and dive into the development process of your iOS app so that you can finish it and release it to the target audience, but I suggest taking a little time with this.

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Consult with friends, family, or close people first, and find out what they think about it. Would they download an app like that? Is there anything they want to change on it? Only when you see a positive reaction from a majority of these people that you should get working on your idea. If you ignore their opinion and go on to build something that only you think is great, there is a good chance you are going to end up making an app that no one wants to download, even though it is on App StoreAppy Pie Appy Store
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3. Studying is great, but it is the practice which will take you places

If you are going to develop iOS apps you would most certainly have to learn XCode and Objective-C – the languages that are used by iOS, and this is something that you simply have to do. You might take a course, read books, read blog posts, and even watch a lot of tutorial videos, but that is not going to be enough. Practice is all that is important and that is the only thing that will get you anywhere good. So, every trick that you read about, every procedure or technique you watch a video about, or anything that you come across on a blog is only of any use, if you practice it. Practice across as many devices as you can including your PC, netbook, iPad, and even a phone.

4. Keep your expectations under restraint and protect yourself from undue disappointment

It is quite common for the first time iOS app developers to think that the moment that they put their app up on the App Store, they are going to get rich. But, it isn’t as rosy as you might think. There are millions of apps on the App Store and the one that you create has to be really special to be noticed by people. Hence, if you expect that the moment you launch your app on the app store you would have people lining up for installs, chances are you are going to be disappointed. Go in with the awareness that you probably would not gain instant popularity and be super rich overnight.

5. Expect a lot of paperwork coming your way

It might be easy to develop an iOS app, but it may even be extremely time consuming. Once you are finally done with the app development part, you can’t simply go ahead and think that the toughest part of the process is done. You would have to invest a whole lot of time in getting your app published on the App Store.

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Apple has a long process of submission with very specific rules, guidelines, and restrictions which come with a whole lot of paperwork which need to be take care of before your app can make its way on to the App Store.

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