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Appy Pie’s Android App Reaches The Extraordinary Milestone of 5 Million Downloads

Abhinav Girdhar
By Abhinav Girdhar | Last Updated on September 13th, 2022 9:50 am | 3-min read

Buoyed by positive customer response and powerful features, Appy Pie has reached a tremendous feat by hitting 5 million installs of its App Maker on Google Play Store. With more than 200 unique features, Appy Pie offers users the ability to create dynamic apps based on their needs, within their budget. The apps built with Appy Pie’s App Maker are fast, light and can deliver content seamlessly.

Appy Pie’s Android App has captured the imagination of many, searching for affordable yet flexible app builders offering a multifaceted platform that allows them to build stunning android and iOS apps according to their requirements.

In no time, Appy Pie has emerged as one of the best no-code app builders with over 5 million installs on its mobile app on the Google Play Store. The best part is, you too can create a versatile app in a few steps with Appy Pie for free!

People all over the globe use Appy Pie’s App Maker to create mobile apps for their businesses and enjoy some of the best features they wouldn’t find anywhere else. Appy Pie has managed to dominate the no-code space for a long time and has millions of satisfied customers as a testimony to this fact.

Every day, more people choose Appy Pie’s App Maker to realize their dreams and strengthen their businesses by scaling new heights, reaching out to customers on a global level, and driving revenue by generating more sales. All this, using the apps they create on Appy Pie.

Businesses need to adopt new strategies to stay relevant in an ever-changing market space. Customer behavior has changed, and more users are now looking for online services to meet their needs and requirements. As a result, companies are creating a digital presence by investing heavily in app and website development.

However, this can pose a challenge to startups or small business owners who do not have the required resources or expertise to invest in app development, not to mention that this can also be time-consuming. No-code solutions like Appy Pie allow everyone to build multifunctional mobile apps and take their business or business ideas to the next level, irrespective of technical expertise.

Until recently, developing apps and websites seemed to be a job meant only for experienced app developers or website builders. Without the required technical know-how or financial backing to create an app for their business, individuals or business owners were often left out and couldn’t access features that would help build an online presence for their business.

With the advent of Appy Pie’s App Maker, business owners have the option of creating personalized apps for their businesses equipped with some of the most modern features that one could expect from an app.

Here’s why our users are loving our android app

If you haven’t already started using Appy Pie’s Android App to build new and engaging applications, then here are a few reasons to nudge you in that direction. These are some of the main reasons Appy Pie has emerged as a market leader in the no-code technology space.

  1. No-code app development
  2. In traditional app development, you would need the support of app developers who have the knowledge and experience of creating apps using coding. However, with Appy Pie, anyone can create an app, without any coding, by simply using the easy-to-use drag and drop editor tool.

  3. Low GTM time
  4. Appy Pie helps you build powerful mobile applications for your business quickly. By reducing the time taken to build an app, Appy Pie’s app builder allows you to enter the market faster and reach out to customers, giving you a much-needed edge over competitors.

  5. Affordable app development
  6. Why spend more on expensive traditional application development methods when you can easily create customized apps for a fraction of the cost? The brilliance of Appy Pie is its ability to provide users with unique app features at affordable prices, making it one of the most viable options for low-cost app development.
    Moreover, by creating an intuitive and convenient mobile app for your business with Appy Pie, you can increase your revenues significantly by improving the customer experience.

  7. Offline capabilities
  8. Applications developed with Appy Pie are equipped with offline capabilities, allowing users to access their business apps even in the remotest of locations with poor internet coverage.

  9. Round-the-clock support
  10. Appy Pie has prioritized customer service with a customer-first approach, providing 24×7 support to make sure that users always find expert advice whenever they need it. Help is only a call, chat, or email away!

  11. Hands-on app publishing support
  12. Once you have finished designing your app, you can publish it on Google Play Store and the App Store. Appy Pie’s team of experts guides you on every step and helps you with regular support and insights for the entirety of the process.


In conclusion, having an app for your enterprise can boost your business in a big way. You can certainly generate more revenue and increase customer engagement as well. As the market evolves, more and more people are looking for convenient ways to shop or interact with a brand online.

Creating an app with Appy Pie App Maker, without any coding, helps you escape the limitations of traditional app development and reach out to customers directly. It is easy-to-use and equipped with many features that make it a popular choice for businesses.

By completing a milestone of 5 million installs on Google Play Store, Appy Pie has once again proven its might in the no-code technology sector, empowered by the continued trust placed on its superior app builder by users.

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