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5 Ideas for Conversational Chatbots With Quizzes

Shreya Sinha
By Shreya Sinha | August 1, 2022 3:11 pm

By now, most of us have either used or engaged with these smart tools called chatbots. But what are conversational chatbots?

Well, chatbot as a concept has been used widely. Did you know more than 1.4 billion people are using chatbots today? In other words, if you’re a business owner or a marketer, you can not stand out using an ordinary chatbot anymore.

Enter: Conversational Chatbots! What are they, and how do they benefit businesses? Read on as we unfold unique ideas and their benefits in this blog!

The Growing Importance of Conversational Chatbots

We now spend more time on messaging apps compared to email. People are so accustomed to using apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Slack, that coming across a chatbot with a standard set of questions is no longer a big deal.

Thanks to modern technology, chatbots have evolved to the point that they can understand your customer preferences.

The concept of conversational chatbots is pretty simple. The bot asks the user a few questions, and based on the replies, gives personalized suggestions. Conversational bots can be of different types. They could use logic jumps to skip the questions that are not relevant to a particular user. Or, they could be powered by artificial intelligence to understand the meaning of the words and give a human-like experience and response.

What Do You Mean by Conversational Chatbot With Quizzes?

Most people love taking quizzes! So why not combine the power of quizzes with a chatbot platform to make it ultra-magnetic and effective? A quiz-style chatbot can be a fun and engaging tool to provide real-time and custom results to users.

In fact, these quiz-style conversational chatbots can help reduce drop-off rates and boost lead generation. Did you know – 96% of people who start BuzzFeed quizzes finish them.

So, if you always wanted a kickass chatbot for your website, combining the two forms of interactive content – chatbot + quiz – would make a perfect strategy. Let’s check out some examples and benefits of quiz-styled chatbots that you can implement in your business!

5 Examples & Benefits of Quiz-styled Chatbots

  1. Increased Customer Engagement
  2. Why don’t people click on your lead generation forms? Maybe because they are boring or don’t look valuable enough?

    Having a classic bot for filling out email addresses, names, and phone numbers are boring for respondents unless there’s something of value for them.

    This is where quizzes come into play. According to the latest statistics on interactive content, 81% of marketers believe that interactive content is a potent tool for grabbing readers’ attention and appealing to them.

    Let’s explain this with an example. Awesome Hotels had a list of potential leads that had gone cold. So, instead of passively emailing them with a free coupon (as companies usually do) – they decided to send them a quiz bot.

    The chatbot did provide a discount coupon, but not as a passive sent-to-all offer. It was in the form of a reward for only those who won the game. This can prove to be a captivating strategy.

  3. Personalized Recommendations

    Customers don’t like to be targeted with one-size-fits-all content. In fact, 80% of shoppers are more likely to buy from a company that offers personalized experiences.

    This is why it is important, especially for e-commerce companies, to have a product recommendation quiz in their chatbots. This interactive content combo gives users a personalized shopping experience and increases their conversion chances by more than 30%.

  4. Simplified Organizational Processes

    Businesses offering specific services often need to provide quotes to their prospects. However, having resources available 24/7 to handle these queries is a challenge. So, why not build a chatbot that can simplify this process?

    Using this smart tool can help people save time and make sound decisions based on the value you provide. Moreover, this tool can provide a much more convenient and cost-effective round-the-clock service than employing a 24/7 team.

    For example, a financial institution can use a transactional chatbot to help users calculate the monthly payments on their loans. Look how this bot quizzes users on different financial aspects to provide them with quotes in real-time.

  5. Effective Lead Generation, Segmentation, and Retargeting

    Imagine having an automated lead generation machine that sends you qualified leads every day without you doing any hard work. Well, this is very much possible with the help of conversational chatbots.

    An interactive chatbot has the capability to provide marketers with crucial data about their audiences. This data can then be used to segment the leads into different categories. And finally, you can retarget these different audiences based on their preferences. These steps help in boosting sales to a great extent.

    For example, let’s take a look at the witty Lego chatbot, Ralph. Ralph acts as a brilliant sales assistant helping users choose the right gift. The chatbot smartly segments its users by asking questions like age and location. It also tries to understand the financial side of the customer so that it can categorize the customer into a specific budget bracket. This helps Lego retarget the customers with relevant products.

  6. Improved Conversions

    Well, if you are doing the above things right, conversion is bound to follow. Let’s throw in another interesting statistic to prove our point. Did you know quizzes have a 2x higher conversion rate than passive content? Also, 47% of shoppers are open to buying items from a bot.

    Combining the two stats makes having quizzes in your chatbots a foolproof strategy for conversion and customer success.

    What if we tell you that you can sell properties through conversational chatbots? Have a look at this “Real Estate Assistant”. This chatbot fetches details regarding customers’ preferences and helps them find their dream house.

    Asking precise questions like “buy or rent?”, “preferred location”, “budget”, etc., increases your chances of conversions.

  7. Wrap Up

    Liked the above chatbot ideas? Your customers are going to love one on your website too!

    Chatbots are not going away any time soon, and they are one of the most readily adopted tools among businesses. Combining this with the quirk of quiz-styled questions can transform your conversations with prospects into a powerful sales funnel, delivering qualified leads every single day.

    While this may look like a ton of creative and technical hard work, it is actually not. Creating interactive chatbots is super easy, even for non-coders. All you need is a robust chatbot builder.

    Using good builder tools like Outgrow and Appy Pie will not just help create interesting chatbots but also analyze their performance through powerful analytics features. Give them a shot!

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